Central furnaces tend to be the most popular method of heating your home. The heat energy to fuel a furnace is usually supplied through the combustion of oil or natural gas.
Oil furnaces require a tank and usually a chimney. There may be additional costs for chimney modification or oil storage tanks when purchasing an oil furnace. Natural Gas, on the other hand, is provided through a series of pipelines under the ground. While gas is quickly becoming the more common standard, prices of both oil and gas tend to fluctuate on a regular basis. Choosing the fuel that’s right for you will depend on several factors, including availability and pricing in your specific area.
Absolute Air can help you choose a furnace that works for you. Ask us to help you with your decision.

Service Information
While choosing the right equipment is certainly a fundamental part of your home comfort, it isn’t the only thing to consider.
Suitable and dependable people behind the installation, repair and maintenance are also important. That’s why Absolute Air has a helpful and experienced team available to assist you with any difficulties with your system, as well as an around-the-clock emergency service when that assistance needs to be urgent.
When purchasing your new home comfort system from us, you should also pay close attention to our different service plans. Work with your installer to find the one that fits your needs and lifestyle the best.